Federal Agency Presentations

Here are some ways Brook Federal Advisors can help your agency.

Many federal agencies today do not have the human resources manpower to conduct training for employees on their federal benefits, especially preparing for retirement. Brook Federal Advisors can help fill this gap by providing on-site educational seminars as requested. These can be in the form of full-day, half-day, or multiple half-day presentations. For those agencies in the Chicago area, we can also do smaller "lunch and learn" presentations on a particular topic of interest. All presentations are focused solely on the federal benefit system, with no outside sales of any kind. We also offer a no charge individualized federal benefit review to any attendees that are interested, which is scheduled after work hours.

Outside of seminars, we can also provide an additional resource for training coordinators to use. This can come in the form of informational videos, articles, or individual reviews if needed.

These services are offered to all federal agencies free of charge. For more information on how we can help you serve your own office, please contact Jason Visner at (262) 456-5514 or jvisner@brookfed.com.