Federal Benefit Review

Here we present steps to enlist our help to review your Federal Benefits.

The best place for a federal employee to start when considering retirement is to look at their overall federal benefit package. That includes the federal annuity, TSP, FEGLI, FEHB, and Social Security. We can put together a complete analysis of your situation, and review it all with you to make sure that you are making the most of the available options. That review can also serve as the basis for your retirement income plan, and help drive the rest of your retirement and investment decisions.

To get started on your analysis, we need the following:

  • Information profile form, available here
  • Copy of a recent pay stub/LES
  • TSP statement
  • Social Security statement (available from www.ssa.gov)

That information can be emailed to jvisner@brookfed.com (for your security, be sure to not include account numbers or your social security number in email), or faxed to (262) 784-7206. Once we receive it, we will contact you to schedule a review appointment.

If you have any questions when getting your information together, you can call (262) 456-5514.